Federal Maas here for grain

Built in 1997, the Federal Maas first came here on December 1, 1998. She arrived on   November 7, 2016 (above) to load grain at Riverland Ag in Duluth (below). On July 24, 2012, she brought mining machinery she loaded in France for Saskatchewan to discharge at the Port Terminal. She was back in September, 2014 with more machinery. Today is her 11th trip to the Twin Ports. That is the faithful Cornelia seen at anchor between the Maas and the South light base.


  1. Why is t the Cornelia being allowed in port?

    • It is most likely an issue with the grain contract. So she sits and waits for the agents to get things settled.
      She would make a great decoration for Bentleyville as she seems to get stuck here each fall.

      • holly jorgenson says:

        reading about the cleaning of the holds process after discharging the cement, i can imagine that much of her time at anchor was for that reason.

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