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Sometimes, the World Wide Web is really world wide. The Roerborg arrived in Duluth early Monday afternoon (October 31, 2016). Third mate Daniel Schaafsma was just outside the pilot house waving to people welcoming him and his ship to Duluth. Later, he told me he was surprised to see so many people watching them come in. I took a picture of the ship’s arrival but failed to notice the very small figure waving to us from the top of the ship. His grandparents in The Netherlands were watching the Marine Museum web cam and they knew right away who that small speck at the top of the ship was.
They added a comment on the page, in Dutch

Ha, die Daan.
We. opa, Guus en oma hebben zien varen en naar he gezwaaid.
Wat een grote boot is de Roerborg zeg. Leuk dat we je daar zagen staan on de vleugel.
We wenen je een goede vaart en een behouden thuiskomst.
Dag lieverd, we houden van je.
Guus, Op en Oma Gerritsen van der Hoop Harlingen. Nederland.

Which Google translated as:

Ha, which Daan.
We. grandpa, grandma Guus and have seen sail and swung huh. What a great boat say the Ruhr Borg. Nice that we saw you standing there on the wing. We weep you a good trip and a safe return Day, sweetheart, we love you. Guus On and Grandma Gerritsen van der Hoop Harlingen. Netherlands.

Google does some things better than others, but his Mother, Jenny, then added a comment in English thanking us for the connection. Such a nice comment deserved a nice response so I went over to the ship to talk to Daniel. He did not know about the comments yet; I shared them with him and then took his picture so I could share that with his parents and grandparents, and of  course readers of the Duluth Shipping News. Daniel, who lives in the town of Dronryp, is two years out of Maritime Academy. Last year, he was an apprentice and visited Duluth aboard the Erieborg. This year, he comes here as the third mate on the Roerborg.

Below, the Roerborg was waiting at the Port Terminal this morning before moving over to CHS to load grain.


  1. Wat is de wrâld dochs lyts!


    Durk en Wilma Stienstra

    P.S. Nog in pear wiekjes dan bist wer yn Dronryp

    • Sietse and Jenny Schaafsma says:

      Translation from Frisian to English:

      What a small world!


      Durk & Wilma Stienstra

      P.S. In just a few weeks you will be in Dronryp again
      (Dronryp is a small village in Friesland, a province of the Netherlands)

  2. Pieter en Erika Dommisse says:

    Hoi Daan,

    Je ouder’s hebben ook aan ons de filmpjes door gestuurd. Wat geweldige schippen, hé en wat leuk, om je ook te zien zwaaien!
    Op de foto zie je gelukkig uit en men kan zien, dat je het daar naar je zin hebt.
    Nog een goede vaart en een gelukkig thuiskomst!

    Pieter en Erika Dommisse (Vergadering Musselkanaal)

  3. Sandy McKenzie says:

    Nice to see Dan and his ship. How he has grown-up!

  4. Jan Schaafsma says:

    hello Daan,
    nice to see your picture…!! I was waiting all day…with the laptop at school, at the webcam from the Duluth harbor…..but at the time you arrived, I just got busy…and missed it…!!
    We saw it later on youtube…and it was great…!!

    Many greetings from your tia Lili and uncle Jan..!!
    with love, from Aruba..!!

  5. Bart Kooijman says:

    I took the liberty of translating the comment of Daan’s grandparents correctly (Google isn’t perfect):
    Hey Daan,
    We, grandad Guus and grandma have seen you sailing and we waved to you.
    The Roerborg is quite a big boat. It was nice to see you on the wing.
    We wish you a good trip and a safe return home.
    Goodbye darling, we love you.
    Guus, grandad and grandma Gerritsen van der Hoop – Harlingen, Netherlands.
    More greetings from the Netherlands!

  6. Sietse and Jenny Schaafsma says:

    Aaaah! So nice! This article made me smile! We are so proud of our son! Thanks again!

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

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