Nice sight passing in Duluth harbor this morning

At 7:30 this morning (September 13, 2016), the rarest Duluth arriving boat was coming in when the prettiest Duluth departing boat was doing just that. The Stewart J. Cort was on her way to load iron ore pellets at the BNSF dock and the Joseph L. Block was departing after discharging limestone and loading some iron ore fines.


  1. Maybe Stewart has a Duluth gas card now.

    • michael garvey says:

      The Joe Block regularly makes this run to Duluth, with limestone upbound and pellets or fines downbound. But this time they loaded part of their cargo at Drummond Island instead of Cederville. They load a mixture of limestone sand and hard rock and blend it unloading. Then it is shipped to the Minorca mine up on the range. I wonder how much more limestone will be shipped as United Taconite comes up to full production?

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