Self unloader self unloading in Marquette, Michigan

Thanks to Rod Burdick for this picture he took of the American Century on August 12, 2016. She had loaded coal here at Midwest Energy and took it over to Marquette. His caption:  American Century unloading western coal from Superior, into the Upper Harbor hopper, Marquette, Michigan (August 12, 2016) – visit was first since her only other in January 2007.

Me again: Here we usually see the self unloader sitting on the deck or moved to the side while coal is dropped into the cargo holds. In the picture above, the self unloader is doing what it was built to do; discharge cargo.


  1. Rita from Georgia says:

    I have a question about the self unloader. Can the speed of the belts be changed – faster or slower? Can the shore side hopper handle the normal belt speed or is it slowed so the hopper doesn’t over flow or jam? How about the hopper belt speed. Can it be changed? I worked on a belt conveyor line and when the weight of the product on the belt changed we also changed the speed of the belt. Thanks for your answers.

  2. Thanks for sharing. ASC footers have delivered coal this season to Marquette.

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