MarBacan comes into Duluth harbor

The MarBacan arrived Duluth after a short time at the anchorage on Sunday evening, August 7, 2016. She will begin loading grain at the Riverland Ag dock on Monday morning. She was in Gibraltar on April 17 of this year. From there, she sailed to Houston, Texas, then to Lebanon and Turkey before turning back to sail to the Great Lakes and eventually, today, to Duluth.
She is owned by MarConsult Schiffahrt  in Hamburg,  Germany. Beside this ship, they own 3 other bulk carriers: MarCarolina, MarColorado and MarBioko, along with 7 container vessels and 11 Multi-purpose vessels. Below, she gets an assist from the tug  Arkansas after going under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge.


  1. Jon Hansen says:

    I am currently unable to receive pictures from any of the remote cams. Are thy all down, or is it my computer?

  2. Shawn Trueman says:

    I was watching the MarBacan from the South Pier and noticed she did not salute the Aerial Lift Bridge. I am not in Duluth often but this was the first time I noticed a freighter not saluting.

    • zeke zorbaski says:

      I guess no one cares except you.

      • clide fibbets says:

        Maybe it has something to do with the time of day she entered and “disturbing the peace”. Beside that, I have noticed other ships remaining silent as well.

        • sometimes they don’t salute, sometimes they salute 2 or 3 times…no rhyme or reason to it. the MarBacan was in unfamiliar territory, so perhaps just tending to the business at hand.

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