Algoma Equinox here to load grain

The Algoma Equinox was built in China in 2013. She arrived Duluth this morning, June 23, 2016 at 4:07 to load grain at Riverland Ag. Picture above taken this morning; the two below were taken by John Zywicki, also this morning. This is her 9th trip to the Twin Ports. She usually has loaded iron ore pellets at the BNSF in Superior; she did load grain, as today, on a visit in September, 2015.


  1. Christina Sever says:

    Dear Uncle Ken, We saw your lift bridge go up and down. We also saw the ship go through your lift bridge. Love, Chris, Nola and Finn

  2. Al Wrage says:

    I use to see the ships move into harbor and now i don`t see any movement, how do I get back to real ??????

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