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  1. There is a possibility, but remote. There are many variables to the timing of port arrivals/departures for merchant vessels. First let’s look at scheduling. It’s too far off to know if she’ll be scheduled there or not on Aug. 4th. She does call on a number of other ports. There can be schedule changes, there can be weather delays, dock space delays, delays at the Locks. There’s no finite schedule when it comes to Lake boats. We used the terms ETA and ETD loosely. But who knows, she may be there on the 4th, but I wouldn’t lay money down in Vegas on it!

  2. Storm Warrior / Keith Baker says:

    Callaway is loading Stone in Cedarville, MI.
    for Duluth’s hallet #5. We got tied up at 8:30am
    Should be a 12hr load they should be done by
    8-9pm tonight. Should be up there Monday morning
    Sometime, that’s the latest word I got as I left the ship
    for my vacation.

  3. Yvette Pankau says:

    Can anyone tell me if the Cason J. Callaway will be in Rogers City, MI on August 4th 2016?

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