McCarthy here for 2nd time this season

The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. arrived Duluth at 10:30 this morning (April 21, 2016). She is here to load coal for Presque Isle, Michigan. This in her second trip to the Twin Ports this season since she left her winter layup in Toledo. She was also here on April 10 to load coal for Presque Isle.


  1. TK-S Dool is in Lake Erie.

  2. I wondered that – a reflection echo ? Wish someone would answer- hey guys at Canadian Coast Guard?

  3. Does anyone know anything about TK-S Dool? It’s Canadian and shows on Marine Traffic as UNSPECIFIED. It acts mysteriously, keeps showing then disappearing as ‘out of range’ even in the harbor. It was in the Tim S Dool area. It has since left Duluth.

    • Rita from Georgia says:

      I saw that also. I checked all the places I know to check and found nothing. At first, I thought it was a change in name of Tim S. Dool.

      • Nope both of the 2 ship signals were occurring at the same time.

        • Maybe Ken could do some research on what boats are classified as Unspecifed. Or maybe you’ve found something about those?

        • I believe they arrived, hung around and left together. I think both had come from Port Cartier. TK shows no destination and has a draft of 0 (?). MT Aldo shows length and width if size is a clue.

          • Rita from Georgia says:

            Would it be some type of echo on AIS caused by the weather? Or maybe some freek happening on AIS?

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