Albanyborg is first salt water ship of the season

2016-0403-6077The Albanyborg arrived last night (Sunday, April 3, 2016) at 7:46 (at right). This is her first visit to the Twin Ports and she was the first salt water ship of the season. She also was the first foreign-flag vessel to enter the Seaway after it opened on March 23. She is listed as a Multipurpose Dry Cargo Carrier, meaning she was built to carry a wide variety of cargo. She started her journey in Germany where she loaded wind turbine components that she discharged in Port Colborne, Ontario before arriving here last night. She will be loading grain at CHS in Superior but is currently at the Port Terminal (below) reconfiguring her cargo holds. Officially, she has 2 cargo holds but they can both be sub divided, both horizontally and vertically. She arrived set up with several levels to hold the wind turbine pieces. They are taking them down since they will be loading a bulk cargo and will be using the full height of each cargo hold.


  1. Thomas Erickson says:

    Just saw her leave about 8 pm. Thanks for the info on her trip and cargo. The snow made it even more exciting.’

  2. Sorry that I missed this arrival. I am still waiting for some nice weather to appear up there. Sure has been some miserable weather. Is this typical of spring weather up that way. I know it has been unseasonably cold and rainy in my area, also. I am in Central Maryland and still waiting for SPRING !!!

  3. Judy Eakman Collins says:

    Thanks for the explanation on the holds. I was wondering why they were doing this now here at Duluth.

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