Gott will be first boat to move in season 2016

After spending the winter layup in Duluth, the Edwin H. Gott is expected to open the Great Lakes shipping season for Duluth when she departs the port early on Tuesday morning, March 22, 2016, for Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets. With no ice to battle this season, she should not need any assistance from an ice breaking tug or the Alder to leave her berth and go to Two Harbors. Not so last season. She was originally scheduled to arrive here last January, 2015 for winter layup but her plans were changed and she spent the winter in Milwaukee. She left Milwaukee last March to load her first cargo of the new season in Two Harbors but became one of many boats to be slowed to a stop by the ice in Whitefish Bay, at the other end of Lake Superior. With help from ice breakers Alder and Mackinaw, she finally arrived at this end of the lake, coming under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on Monday morning, March 30, 2015 for some repairs before leaving here (below) for Two Harbors the next day to load her first iron ore pellets of the year in Two Harbors.


  1. Really??? The city has no control over what these ships do. Also the companies aren’t going to delay a ships schedule so you can take a photo during daylight hours. And a few hours delay is alot more money than you think….

    • A maritime city might celebrate the first boat as a thank u and a celebration. Instead, the first boat leaves under cover of darkness; the second one might too. I would hope it is more than photographs; more a celebration of an important asset to the city. Cant blame GLF too much though; doubt there would be very many people out waving goodbye if they did. When the cruise boats come, we bring a band to say hello.

  2. Steve Carlson says:

    Once again I am disappointed in the shipping industry and the city of Duluth. The first boat of the season should be an orchestrated event, with people lining the canal and cameras rolling, celebrating the return of one of the main promotional events for the north country. Instead, the Gott leaves port in the wee hours of the morning with little or no fanfare. And don’t tell me it’s about scheduling. It’s the first boat of the year. The lake is empty! What’s a couple more hours? Doesn’t anybody ‘get it’ ??

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