Gott, Kaye E. Barker arrive for winter layup

The Kaye E. Barker came in for winter layup at about 12:30 this afternoon (Friday, January 15, 2016). She will spend her winter at Fraser Shipyards. This was her 5th trip here this season; last year she was here 2 times. The Edwin H. Gott came in on January 14th for winter layup at the Port Authority (below). She was here 3 times this season, the same number of trips she made last year.


  1. Thank you! That’s a very good point. I look at the sounding of the horn as good public relations. I visit Duluth once or twice a year so I get to experience it first hand. However, I think as a tourist attraction, somebody should be encouraging them to ‘sound off’ every trip, regardless of the time of day. Now…maybe Id feel differently if I was sleeping nearby every night:)

  2. What can we do about the increasing number of boats not sounding their horns as they enter or leave port? I understand (kinda) not disturbing the neighborhood overnight or in the early morning hours, but as the Tregurtha came this morning (1/18) at 9:20 it did not sound its horn. Plus, it’s possibly the last boat for the season. Amazingly disappointing!!

    • I believe trying to sound the horn when it’s this cold can cause damage to it. The Kaye came in the other day and she tried the Salute and could barely get out with a couple of laryngitit bleeps. As for the neighborhood that should take priority over pleasure. Where safety is concerned for the ships (as for example the noise of fog horns) then the neighborhood has to compromise too.

    • Steve, Be sure to watch the video of the Tregurtha on! On it you can hear her horn. I didn’t hear it on the cam this morning either, so maybe it was an audio problem. It did seem muffled I thought it was my hearing.

      • Steve, Dennis just posted that he edited in the horn from the day before, and that it hadn’t sounded, probably due to the cold.

        • Thanks. I thought the cams were working because you could hear the crew unlocking the hatch covers and the engines. Thanks to everyone involved in the harbor cams and to Ken’s fine work. I have several friends hooked on watching the canal every day.

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    Thank you!

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    Thanks Ken!

  5. Nice views!

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