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One thought on “Mobile Bay follows Mackinaw into Duluth

  • Brent R

    Looking at the AIS tracking, there is more activity in Lake Superior than I would expect given the fact that the Soo Locks are supposed to close on January 15. I would have expected the ships to be in layup except a few hauling iron ore out of Escanaba before it freezes up and the few still making shipments of things like heating oil and salt in the Michigan/Huron/Erie region.

    I suppose Manitoulin could be heading to layup in Thunder Bay. And, I suppose James Barker could be the last load of iron ore through the locks. But, Joyce Enkevort is still at Two Harbors and I see that American Integrity is still out in the lake. There also seems to be more activity in Michigan and Huron than I would expect. Is this unusual?