These two pictures of the Cornelia were taken by René Beauchamp this morning, Saturday, December 26, 2015 at Côte Ste.Catherine, just below Montreal, in the St. Lawrence Seaway. René reports she is currently (Saturday afternoon) docked at Montreal and is presumably ready to depart North American and move into the Atlantic Ocean, finally (for details about her adventures in Duluth, click here).


  1. She arrived at her destination – port Rades Anch at 2016-01-10 06:21 UTC . This is the main port of Tunis, Tunesia, which I believe was always her destination. Looking forward to eventually hear about the problem in Duluth, which seems still open.

  2. Edward Jensen says:
  3. Help! I lost track of Federal Bering over the Gaspé Peninsula. Am I out of luck tracking over the Atlantic without satellite? I Di find out she is supposed to be in Progreso, Mexico Jan. 5. I assume I’ll have the same problem with Cornelia.

  4. She is currently on Lac-Saint-Pierre approaching Trois-Rivieres, about 80 miles southwest of Quebec City.

  5. Thanks Rene, nice shots:
    I wonder if the location – of the pictures – is correct? If she’s already below Montreal, she’d be on the way out. I would think the pictures show her above Montreal, just past the last lock of the Seaway? I tracked her on Fleetmon most of evening and they still showed her 14 Miles upriver from Montreal at around 20:30 12/26/15.

    • René Beauchamp says:

      When writing to Ken, I did not mention my photos were taken below Montréal. I took them above the second lock named Côte Ste. Catherine Lock. It is south of Montréal, about 4 hours sailing time from Montréal.

  6. Thanks, Rene!

  7. Rita from Georgia says:

    Glad she is in Montreal. Safe trip to Mexico now.

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