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Date: Dec 3, 2015: Ninth Coast Guard District provides the following information regarding the Cornelia

Cornelia Motor vessel Cornelia investigation continues

CLEVELAND — The Coast Guard continues investigating an ocean-going freighter, currently at anchor in Duluth, Minnesota, for alleged violations of U.S. law.

The Coast Guard is investigating the crew, equipment and records of the Liberian-flagged motor vessel Cornelia for allegations involving violations related to the discharge of oily water.

Based upon current information in the investigation, it does not appear that the discharge occurred within the port of Duluth – Superior.

Although the Cornelia and crew are typically equipped to remain at sea for several months, Coast Guard personnel continue to check in with the master of the Cornelia regularly, who confirms the crew has adequate food, water and other necessities.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota accepted the case for criminal investigation November 9. The Coast Guard and the vessel’s owner and operator are negotiating a security agreement that would permit the vessel to depart the port while simultaneously protecting the integrity of the investigation and the interests of the vessel’s crew members.

The Coast Guard and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Minnesota take any allegations involving environmental pollution very seriously. At the same time, both agencies recognize the importance of the flow of commerce through the port of Duluth – Superior and are making every effort to complete our investigation as soon as possible.


Date: Dec 3, 2015

Ninth Coast Guard District


  1. bk gullsgate says:

    How long has a foreign vessel or otherwise been retained in port and especially relevant, at the end of the season…
    .wondering also why would Cleveland or what ever port discovered an enviromental issue not in their port
    rather than here after the alleged violation? just hope the crew makes it home safely

  2. bk gullsgate says:

    If the leak as stated for the delay is not in these waters why did they allow the ship to further…and if this turns out to be a
    flaw in
    communications or otherwise, what are the repercussions from such a grand mistake…more than a slap on the rudder
    whatever? who pays for such an error…Duluth or Cleveland or whom? Silence is bad PR…

    • The word used was ‘discharge’. This has various implications. Also ‘alleged’ . You are right. Those are interesting questions. It’s a legal case, which probably means we were lucky to get the info we did. This is more than we got the first time.

  3. Ken Guenther says:

    Thanks. I was wondering about that ship for the last month. I appreciate the update.

  4. I’m sorry about the situation. But I’ll miss her when she does leave. She has created some beautiful on-cam and photographic imagery.

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