More salt for Duluth

The Algoma Enterprise has been discharging salt at the North American Salt Dock for the last two days; she is expected to complete the discharge later this evening. In the old days, until about 2008, the Algoma Enterprise, then the Canadian Enterprise, loaded coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior and carried it to the Ontario Power Generator in Nanticoke, Ontario. She and her sister boat, now the Algoma Transport, then the Canadian Transport, averaged around 25 trips a year on that route. Trading routes can change as often as a boat’s name; in this case, the Nanticoke plant began using nuclear power to generate electricity. Since 2009, we see the Algoma Enterprise only about 5 times a year.


  1. Jill from Alabama says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!

  2. I enjoyed watching her on the cam unloading the salt and being guided by the tugs. A lot of salt was blown by the strong winds into the empty adjacent lot. I was wondering if that gets retrieved eventually or if it’s just a loss.

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