Algoma Mariner with coal for Nova Scotia

The Algoma Mariner (above) departs Duluth on September 13, 2015 with 30,000 tons of coal for Nova Scotia. She was built in either 1979 or 2011. The Algoport (below) was built in 1979 and was to donate her after-end or stern  to a brand new forebody. This work was to be done in China so the Algoport was towed to China but sank in the China Sea in September, 2009 and never made it. A brand new after-end was built in China and connected to the new forebody making this boat (above), a brand new boat. But I always like to point out that the stern you see above should have been the stern of the Algoport you see below as she approached the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on August 1, 2000.


  1. Very cool Ken! Thanks!

  2. OK, I’m confused. I know that James R. Barker has been having repairs in Sturgeon Bay.
    The DSN shipping Schedule shows the following arrivals for this ship:
    Sun 9/20 @ 17:00
    Mon 9/21 @ 13:00
    We’d 9/23 @ 10:00
    All show loading coal @ Midwest Energy.
    Are these alternate possible times based on leaving date from Sturgeon?
    I can’t find an AIS signal for the ship as yet.

  3. American Century incoming Duluth canal.

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