Alpena brings more cement to Duluth

The Alpena brought cement to Duluth Superior this morning (August 13, 2015) arriving in the Duluth ship canal at 10:30. This is her 7th trip here this season; she brought cement here 12 times last season. She has one of the best, and loudest, whistles on the Great Lakes. Click the Alpena link just above to listen.


  1. The University of Minnesota Duluth Recreational Sport Outdoor Program offers classes in kayak, stand-up paddleboarding, or canoe whitewater river running, and they hold the Annual St. Louis River Whitewater Rendezvous Slalom Sprint Races in July. The program also provides sea kayaking and rock climbing lessons for individuals and families.

  2. Love your ship pictures in Duluth.

  3. the whistle don`t seem to work

  4. nice!

  5. Rita from Georgia says:

    The Barker is in Sturgeon Bay for the replacement of one of its crankshafts. This is from Boatnerd.

  6. Whats happened to the Barker?

    • She arrived Aug 5 at Sturgeon Bay and is moored there but I don’t know why . Info is from Marinetraffic and Boatnerd Ais

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