More wind turbines in Duluth

The HHL Elbe arrived Wednesday afternoon, August 6, 2015 with wind turbine parts to discharge at the Port Terminal. Built in 2008, this is her first visit to the Twin Ports. When she completes discharging the wind turbine pieces, she will go over to CHS in Superior to load grain as her departing cargo.


  1. The visible parts on the ship are wind turbine towers.

    FYI – there are several wind turbine companies is the USA.

  2. My guess is that those parts are headed for the Suzlon Energy plant in Pipestone, MN.

    Suzlon is a global wind turbine company.

  3. Bobby Hilson says:

    Why are the wind turbine parts not made in America?

  4. I was afraid it was the start of the Duluth Missile Crisis.

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