Thomas the Train comes to Duluth


  1. Btw vid isn’t working. Some did before so it’s not a Flash issue anymore I guess.

    • for some reason it takes a while for the buffer to fill…after a few minutes on pause, the video played through.

  2. Wish there was a way to Like these posts instead of entering a “meaningless” comment. Regardless, thanks for shooting & posting this video.


    • 🙂

    • Personally I think the likes are meaningless whereas the comments are more specific and quite often educational. My teachers always told us we should give reasons for liking something or the opinion wasn’t very useful. I never used the likes until my daughter told me they were often used for ‘rating’ purposes.

      • That’s a reasonable pov. However, I hate meaningless “me, too” replies. I want a way to encourage certain activities. On one facebook group, I have gotten 47 likes on a picture that I posted yesterday. On another group, the same pic has 62 likes.. Does that encourage me? Sure does. But maybe that’s just the facebook way of doing things.

        So why did I like this video? Cause I had never before seen a video of Thomas doing his thing.


        • Steve, I agree about the “Me, too” replies. See you were more specific and your following comments told us much more about you than a ‘like’ would have. Ha that’s neat about Thomas. I just wish I could see him, I can’t get the vid to work . I looked for it on You- Tube but I couldn’t find it there either.
          I can’t speak for Ken, but I’d appreciate your ‘thanks for posting ‘ etc. more than just a like. It’s more personal and shows more time and effort.

          • Also I see that the likes can let you be aware that quite a few people are actually reading what you have to say. And also if you don’t have a specific comment then a like can still let you interact. Yup it’s nice to have both.

  3. cute…kids love thomas!

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