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American Courage leaves for Silver Bay

The American Courage arrived Saturday evening with limestone to discharge at the Graymont dock in Superior. This morning (Sunday, August 30, 2015), she departed Duluth for Silver Bay to load iron ore pellets. She was built in 1979 as the Fred R. White Jr.  at Sturgeon Bay and is 636 feet long with 20 hatches that open into 5 cargo holds. She can load 23,800 tons of cargo.
She was originally named for a man who started work as an accountant in the operations department of Columbia Transportation Company in 1935. He held many leadership positions with the company. In June, 2006, the boat was sold by Oglebay Norton to American Steamship and given her current name. She made 9 trips here last year; this is her 3rd trip this season.

More wind turbine blades for Minnesota Power

HHL Tyne arrived under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge in the early evening of August 26, 2015 with her deck piled high with wind turbine blades.

UMD Marching band come to the Marine Museum

Today, August 22, 2015, the University of Minnesota Duluth Marching Band played two sets on the front lawn of the Marine Museum. I broadcast the concert live using Periscope on my cell phone. You can see it here, as long as you forgive my beginning attempt at using Periscope. I was also taking pictures while I held the cell phone and trying to find out how it was going at the same time. But I think the sound came through pretty good.
Go here to watch the video of the live broadcast; it will only be available here for 24 hours. Also, Periscope can only do portrait at this time and the band is set up for landscape, but enough apologies.

Alpena brings more cement to Duluth

The Alpena brought cement to Duluth Superior this morning (August 13, 2015) arriving in the Duluth ship canal at 10:30. This is her 7th trip here this season; she brought cement here 12 times last season. She has one of the best, and loudest, whistles on the Great Lakes. Click the Alpena link just above to listen.

More wind turbines in Duluth

The HHL Elbe arrived Wednesday afternoon, August 6, 2015 with wind turbine parts to discharge at the Port Terminal. Built in 2008, this is her first visit to the Twin Ports. When she completes discharging the wind turbine pieces, she will go over to CHS in Superior to load grain as her departing cargo.

Hon. James L. Oberstar departs Duluth

The Great Lakes freighter Hon. James L. Oberstar arrived Tuesday afternoon August 4, 2015 to load iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth. She departed Duluth late morning the next day (above). This was her 6th visit to the Twin Ports this season; she was here 17 times last year. On most of her trips, she brought limestone in and then loaded iron ore pellets, usually here but sometimes departing for North Shore Mining in Silver Bay.