World War II veteran visits Duluth 4

 leeatregarticalfromjuly12015The Lee A. Tregurtha came to Duluth this morning (July 1, 2015) on her 6th visit this season. She was here 22 times last season; she has been here 164 times since 1996, when I first started to keep records for Twin Ports arrivals and departures.
2015-0701-1993She is one of the most interesting  boats we see here; she won battle ribbons in the Second World War (click to enlarge the image to the right) and keeps steaming forward. She caused me a little trouble this morning since she was scheduled to arrive about the time I am distributing my daily copy of the Duluth Shipping News and with this boat, I want to alert visitors to her significance  which  means I had to write and print the newsletter much earlier and faster than usual. Happily, I finished and ran out to hand deliver sheets before filling my distribution boxes and take some pictures. Read more about her by clicking on the piece of this morning’s paper I clipped (above) or go to her web page where you can also find other pages I have created over the years about this beautiful boat.

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4 thoughts on “World War II veteran visits Duluth

  • Ryan

    She is headed to Cleveland. Usually rare to see the Lee in Cleveland but this will be the second time this summer I get to see her unload at CBT.

  • Jeff B.. Haertlein

    Great shot of the stern Ken!! I like the looks of this boat, and many other older boats with more classic sterns. In this shot she looks close to the wall for some great views. Thanks.

  • Rita from Georgia

    Lee is my favorite older boat. She was launched June 25, 1942 and I was born in September of that year. Her bow lines are exquisite and she proudly displays her ribbons. One Engineers Day at the Soo, she came thru and a kind lady took my picture with Lee behind me. That is a very special picture and memory. My dream boat raffle win would be a trip on the Lee A. Tregurtha,

  • Scott Golden

    Interesting history, thanks for pointing that out. I see that it initially docked but now (12.56pm) has backed up and sitting in the channel, what gives???