World War II veteran visits Duluth

 leeatregarticalfromjuly12015The Lee A. Tregurtha came to Duluth this morning (July 1, 2015) on her 6th visit this season. She was here 22 times last season; she has been here 164 times since 1996, when I first started to keep records for Twin Ports arrivals and departures.
2015-0701-1993She is one of the most interesting  boats we see here; she won battle ribbons in the Second World War (click to enlarge the image to the right) and keeps steaming forward. She caused me a little trouble this morning since she was scheduled to arrive about the time I am distributing my daily copy of the Duluth Shipping News and with this boat, I want to alert visitors to her significance  which  means I had to write and print the newsletter much earlier and faster than usual. Happily, I finished and ran out to hand deliver sheets before filling my distribution boxes and take some pictures. Read more about her by clicking on the piece of this morning’s paper I clipped (above) or go to her web page where you can also find other pages I have created over the years about this beautiful boat.


  1. She is headed to Cleveland. Usually rare to see the Lee in Cleveland but this will be the second time this summer I get to see her unload at CBT.

  2. Jeff B.. Haertlein says:

    Great shot of the stern Ken!! I like the looks of this boat, and many other older boats with more classic sterns. In this shot she looks close to the wall for some great views. Thanks.

  3. Rita from Georgia says:

    Lee is my favorite older boat. She was launched June 25, 1942 and I was born in September of that year. Her bow lines are exquisite and she proudly displays her ribbons. One Engineers Day at the Soo, she came thru and a kind lady took my picture with Lee behind me. That is a very special picture and memory. My dream boat raffle win would be a trip on the Lee A. Tregurtha,

  4. Scott Golden says:

    Interesting history, thanks for pointing that out. I see that it initially docked but now (12.56pm) has backed up and sitting in the channel, what gives???

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