Wind turbine blades at anchor off Duluth piers

On April 18th, the Johanna C (above) was off just off the coast of Newfoundland and due in Montreal on the 19th on her way to Duluth. She arrived Montreal on the 21st. By the 26th, she was in the Welland Canal, at Detroit on the 27th and at the Soo Locks on the 28th. She arrived off the Duluth piers last night (April 29th) as the sun was setting and dropped her anchor.She has wind turbine blades on her deck, the first to come to Duluth in several years. She is in the anchorage waiting for the Lady Doris (below) to complete her discharge of clay at the port terminal.


  1. Diane Tucker says:

    Been watching this beautiful ship from the 6th floor @ St. Luke’s…..Totally awesome!

  2. Steve O says:

    Are either of the two ships loading anything to depart with?

  3. Michele Bockman says:

    Hi Kenneth, Can you tell me more about the Johanna? How big a ship is she and how many parts is she carrying?

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