Whitefish Bay ice stops shipping on Lake Superior

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  1. Paul Badovinac says:

    The parade of ships.


    • they finally broke free of the ice, and are all well on their way to their appointed destinations. yea for coast guard and wind.

  2. unreal…

    • Ice-damaged Kaye E. Barker to meet with fleetmate for cargo transfer

      4/8 – Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. – Efforts to bring the ice-damaged Kaye E. Barker down into Waiska Bay to transfer cargo to Lee A. Tregurtha appeared to have been unsuccessful on Tuesday and will continue on Wednesday.

      After the transfer takes place, the Tregurtha will head downbound to Indiana Harbor, according to Mark Gill, director of vessel traffic services for the U.S. Coast Guard at Sault Ste. Marie. The Barker will go to the Carbide Dock in the Soo for inspection. Damage to the Barker is in the forepeak, Gill said, and the vessel is in no danger.

      “The healthy west wind we got over the weekend has packed what was left of Lake Sueprior’s ice down on top of Whitefish Bay,” Gill said in a Tuesday phone interview with BoatNerd.com. “We’ve got about a 35-square-mile slug of ice that is between the point and open lake transit.”

      The icebreakers Samuel Risley, Alder, Katmai Bay and Mackinaw have all been working in the area, with the big Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker Pierre Radissson expected on the scene Wednesday to join in the icebreaking effort.

      Gill said the Mackinaw is working at diminished capacity, with only one of her two azipod propulsion units working. “She still gives us some support even though she’s not at full capacity,” said Gill.

      “We’ve been chipping away at this since Saturday a little bit at a time. It’s been described to me as stretching from Whitefish Point to the Canadian shoreline, so that’s some 20 miles wide, and roughly 11 miles long. It’s broken plate ice that’s 24-30 inches thick and it’s just piled up. Some of the plates are the size of pickup trucks (compared to) the Risley. It’s a pretty challenging field of ice. It’s fluid in that it’s got free flow to it. You hit it and it kind of bounces around and folds back in.”

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