Mesabi Miner goes back to work

After a couple days getting some early season maintenance done at the Port Terminal, the Mesabi Miner pulled away on Sunday afternoon, March 29, 20125 from her berth there (above). After turning around, she made her way over to Midwest Energy where she would load 58,000 tons of coal for Minnesota Power’s plant at Taconite Harbor.


  1. Is the Mackinaw in op and out of it?? Several days at the dock. Big icebreaker Radisson seems to be entering Welland now. Several days out from Whitefish Bay.

    • Sorry it was the Risley that was heading the convoy. You’re right re the Radisson. The article discusses both.

  2. The Risley and the Alder are making ice cubes in Whitefish bay up to and not beyond the Algoma Olympic . What’s the plan?? Anyone have an answer to that.

    • I’m guessing but the article for Boatnerd today re Radisson mentions that she will be doing a convoy of vessels on Superior. The Phillip Clark has joined the Olympic in the area. Don’t know if others are coming.

  3. Russell Hudson says:

    Here is to the great lakes fleet ,have a safe season..this year from all friends at D & j Taxi………

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