The good old days

While we wait for the Alder to open up the season, probably on Monday, March 9, here is a video I created during the beginning of the 2007 season.


  1. Thank you, Ken. My brother and I made a tour of the Winter Lay-Ups ships in late February. As you said, it was cold. I recall it being 28 degrees below zero that day we did the tour. Thank you; can’t imagine living in Duluth without you and the Duluth Shipping News.

  2. You rock Ken!! You keep me connected with My favorite port. has been ever since that day in November when the big Fitz was outbound never to return

    • Your statement struck me. Suddenly the event seemed more real. I can’t imagine what it must have been like seeing her go down the canal and then not coming back. Strange to have been watching the Anderson in the ice, who heard her last.

      • It was kind of strange to see the Fitzgerald go under the lift bridge that day and go through the storm that night I was cooking in a restaurant between Drummond and Solon Springs about 25 miles off from the Lake. And when the storm really got going you could feel the waves hitting shore, you could see them cause little ripples on the drinks at the bar.

        That spring I had a chance to go out on the boats with the assistance of a friend who worked with inland steel through their taconite mine in Black River Falls and it was kind of a race to see where I ended up. I landed the chef position up there north of Hayward and was very happy with it. But always in the back of my mind every time I went to Duluth I watched the boats go out or come in and wonder where they were going, or where they had been. And I always wished that the call go out on the lakes had come first.

        Now the only ship I could go on would be one with elevator as I am confined to a wheelchair now, this old-age stuff isn’t all it’s cracked up to be but we keep going.

  3. Jill from Alabama says:

    Great job, Ken! Thanks so much.

  4. Rita from Georgia says:

    These videos are great! They make the winter waiting a little better and are a good review of previous winters. Thanks for all your hard work! It is very much appreciated! Good to see the Sundew again, too.

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