Munson last boat of the season

The John G. Munson closed the 2014 shipping season for the port of Duluth Superior when she arrived under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge at 9:28 on the morning of January 20, 2015. The tug Nels J. made a trip through the Duluth harbor just before she arrived. Below, the Munson is about ready to turn the corner to the Blatnik Bridge and her winter layup home at Fraser Shipyard. The Nels J. was staying close by but the Munson seemed to have an easy time moving through the ice in the harbor.


  1. I still, by habit, watch the web cams for the Canal Walk and the bridge and did see where the harbor has closed for the winter and see where some of the ships are in dock for the winter. Where do the workers on the ships do in the winter? Are most of them locals that live in the area?Is there a crew that stays on the ships during the winter? Just interested in what goes on in the harbor during the winter. I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of people, although a small group, still visit the Canal walk even on days where it was snowy and freezing. I would love to be able to visit Duluth during the warmer months. But, I guess for now, I have to be satisfied with watching the web cams.

    • there could be on board security for the ships not in for repairs, the crews are on vacation in a warmer climate I hope lol.
      I am stuck in a rehab facility after an amputation and this site is my main window to the outside world so I can relate. I would do canal walk daily if possible just have to be sure chair has full charge.

  2. Convoy in Lake St. Clair toward St. Clair River:
    James R. Barker 9.1 kts Sturgeon Bay
    Arthur M. Anderson 9.5. Gary
    Algoma Hansa 10.6. Sarnia
    John B. Aird 11.3 Goderich

  3. It is the Le Farge dock with the Inglehart long term storage there.

  4. I see from boatnerds AIS that James Barker and the Calloway are still underway but that they list the Barker is going to Sturgeon Bay so it must’ve gotten rid of its last load and is en route to winter layup.

    • The Barker, Anderson, and Aird are finally moving out of the Detroit River. The Manitowoc and Calumet are in St. Clair Lake moving toward the Detroit Rver. So it looks like maybe everyone’s finally moving that wants to be and free of ice.

    • Well James Barker finally got to Sturgeon Bay on Sat. For layup. See Boatnerd News for Feb 1.

  5. Greg Hayden says:

    Is that the JAW Iglehart being used as a cement storage ship? It looks like Iglehart stern? If I could see the bow I would know. I sailed Iglehart 3 A/E vacation relief July-August 1967.
    Greg Hayden
    Vista (San Diego area) CA

      There might not be a quick answer since shipping season is over. I copied Ken’s email from the margin on this site thinking he could tell you directly. I had some nice site locations I wanted to share but I just can’t get pasting to work. Ken has some nice photos and info about your ship on this site. Look up your ship on the left margin.

    • If you go to the boatnerds site and look At their long-term Layup list you will see ingelhart at Lafarge Superior as long-term storage.

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