American Integrity in for winter layup

The American Integrity was the first of 6 vessels coming here for winter layup. She arrived this morning, January 7, 2015 around 11:30.

Winter layup, Duluth Superior, January, 2015

Location Vessel Arrival Date Carrier
Port Terminal Berth 1 Edwin H. Gott Canceled for Twin Ports GLF/ Key Lakes
Port Terminal Berth 6 American Integrity 1/7/2015 American Steamship
Midwest Energy Mesabi Miner 1/19/2015 Interlake Steamship
Fraser Shipyards Kaye E. Barker 1/12/2015 Interlake Steamship
Fraser Shipyards John G. Munson due 1/20/2015 GLF/ Key Lakes
Enbridge Dock Indiana Harbor 1/17/2015 American Steamship


  1. The two ships that are at the shipyard doing their layup, are they having work done while they do their layup? Or are they just park there because it’s a handy spot?

    What is the normal schedule if the ship is going out in March for loading food, dry goods, consumables, and basically starting to heat things up and make the ship livable?

    • They are working on the boats in Fraser Shipyard. Typical things can include five-year inspections, replacing steel, or a variety of work on the engines, boilers (if it’s a steamer), and other equipment.

      The engine room crew is usually the first to report back to the boat to fit it out in the spring. It takes at least a week or more from the time they come back until the boat is ready to sail. The deck crew is last to report, usually a few days before they’re ready to sail. Someone more familiar with the galley crew might comment on how far ahead they’ll order food or other supplies for their area.

  2. Gord Campbell says:

    Note: Edwin H Gott redirected to Milwaukee. It encountered heavy ice downbound and delays going to Detriot. It is winter.

  3. Geraldine says:

    So, unrelated, but does that much ice on the ship effect the trim or make it list? Is it compensated for by adjusting ballast? Does it cause draft concerns?

    Did they remove it from the starboard bow, did it fall off, or is it more on port because of how it was hitting the wind or waves?

    • Am sure it is how the spray comes off the bow , one side gets the bulk of it, the weight is negligible compared to the 50 to 70 thousand tons they carry laden.

  4. It looks like the shortlist this year staying in the twin ports unless everybody gets trapped up here with lock closings

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