Snow, rain, ice and the Lee A. Tregurtha

… arriving Duluth on December 22, 2014 for fuel and to discharge at Hallett #8


  1. Julie in Louisiana says:

    Nice pic! The white buildings in the background — are they condos/apartments? Would love to live beside the canal and watch the boats 24/7.

    • Jill from Alabama says:

      Julie, those buildings are the South Pier Inn hotel. If you ever get to Duluth, you’ve got to try to stay there. The building is built in the shape of a right angle. One side faces the bridge, and the other side faces the harbor. The more expensive suites that form the apex give you a view of both the bridge and the harbor. The front desk folks will even give you a “wake-up” call in the middle of the night if you want to run outside and watch a boat come under the bridge. If you don’t want to leave the hotel, you can stand out on your balcony and watch the boats. It’s really perfect, and you can’t get any closer to the boats! Pricey, but worth it.

      • Julie in Louisiana says:

        What a great concept for a hotel — South Pier Inn just went to #1 on my gotta-do list. Thanks for the info, Jill!

  2. Jill from Alabama says:

    Beautiful, classic boat. Thanks, Ken!

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