Mamry joins a kayaker

The Mamry has been sitting at anchor for a week or more but may finally come in this evening (December 6, 2014), leaving our friendly kayaker alone on the lake. She probably won’t be the last salt water ship to leave the port. She will replace the Erieborg at Gavilon in Superior tonight. Salt water traffic still to come this season will be the Juno, Palmerton (first visit), Pacific Huron, Sundaisy E. (first visit), Federal Saguenay, the Sea Racer (first visit) and the Bluebill. One of them may be the last saltwater ship to leave the port. That usually happens around December 20. The last ship will have no trouble leaving Lake Superior; the Soo Locks will not close until January 15. The Welland Canal closing on December 26th is the target they will have to beat, otherwise they will spend the winter inside the St. Lawrence Seaway, making for an expensive winter for the owner of the ship. They have until 4 pm on December 31st to get through the seaway locks east of the Welland. The Federal Sakura was the last to leave in 2013, the Nogat in 2010, the BBC Italy in 2009, the Beluga Revolution in 2008, and the Federal Rhine in 2005
Kenneth Newhams :