New tugs for old tugs

We started the day (Friday, October 17, 2014) with 4 Great Lakes Towing tugs, the Minnesota, Kentucky, North Carolina and North Dakota tied up at  their dock in Duluth. By noon, the tugs Indiana and Arkansas  had joined the lineup replacing the Kentucky and North Dakota. Above, the Indiana (2nd from left) and Arkansas (third from left) had joined the lineup.
That’s the Kentucky still tied up on the left; she will be leaving and the North Carolina is at the head of the line here. She will be staying along with the Minnesota. Below, the tug Missouri pulled the Arkansas and Indiana under the Lift Bridge this morning.
Above, the Missouri (left) is still pulling the Arkansas and the Indiana while the North Dakota and Minnesota are behind them.
Below, they break up while they get the new tugs tied up at the dock, one at a time. The Minnesota is bringing the Indiana in first.


  1. love to see them scooting around the harbor!

    Are due for Inspection.From what I read on great lakes towing.

  3. I too was wondering where the tugs were going. My grandmother, Hattie Owens Locker almost got her name on a tug at Two Harbors. I believe the name drawn was the Edna G. I wonder where that tug is now.

  4. I was wondering where the tug Indiana went, was in GB with the tug Texas but I guess there’s no cents in have two tugs that just sit 95% of the time. Duluth is a busy port.

  5. This style of tug was around when I sailed on the E.T. Weir in 1965. Most ports in Florida have gone to the tractor tug design, they are very maneuverable, using thrusters that allow the tug to go in any direction. The term fore & aft has only a relative meaning.

    The old style of tug must work well in Duluth – Superior.

  6. patrick swartz says:

    Why are they bringing so many tugs to this port,all at once ?

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