Nancy J. is number 4

Heritage Marine brought their 4th tug, the Nancy J., into Duluth on September 18, 2014, finishing a long trip that started in Texas. DSN ace photographer Holly took these pictures while Heritage Marine owner Mike Ojard filled in our ace reporter with all the details.


  1. Ted Knack says:

    Congradulations on your new Tug Mike. In looking at the pictures I think Pixie is on the left side of the Pilot House.Hope she was on the crew that was on when you brought it to Duluth

  2. Cool pics guys! Hey is that a DSN hat?

  3. Jill from Alabama says:

    Thanks Holly and Ken!

  4. Great photos holly and ken!

  5. how much fun that was! got to see the new tug up close, meet mike , and see his family greeting them upon their return.

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