Julie, ace cook and photographer on the Martin

My friend Julie Fletcher, the 2nd cook on the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin, took pictures of us as they came in through the Duluth ship canal on June 2, 2014. But I got pictures of her taking pictures of us with her odd looking camera. It is hard to take a picture of someone and wave at them at the same time. (I had told a bunch of folks waiting on the pier for the boat that my friend Julie would be waving, and suggested they wave back while yelling out her name. They did, and several minutes later, when she sent me her pictures, she added this line, “The guys were laughing , i told them that’s my fan club yelling my name”
Later in the day, actually, very early the next morning, my friendly associate Holly and I paid a visit to Tim Dayton, captain on the Paul R. Tregurtha. Holly, under the watchful eye of Captain Dayton, is at the wheel here,  but we were tied up at the Port Terminal getting fuel so no one was injured.  Laughing out loud


  1. the odd looking camera is an iPAD, or the like.

  2. Jo Peterson says:

    Holly, you go Capt. take her out for a spin…So wonderful for you and KEN…lol

  3. Peg Taylor says:

    Holly at the helm – OMG!! You go, gurl – woo hoo!! Now frame that pic and get Captain Tim to sign it too. What a day ☺

  4. So glad you were invited aboard! You have some wonderful friends! ツ

  5. Judy Collins says:

    Holly, thought you were probably in Duluth. Right on!! Great you got to visit the PRT on your special day!!

  6. They should have let Holly steer her through the canal!

  7. holly jorgenson says:

    how awesome that was! thanks to ken and captain tim for the amazing visit!

  8. Hey Jill, what about me; i was there too

  9. Jill from Alabama says:

    Go, Holly, go!!!!

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