What ice

Ice did not stop the Vista Star from cruising out into Lake Superior. Here they approach the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge just after the Paul R. Tregurtha arrived under it to load coal for Detroit Edison. Happy May 28th!


  1. Tim Fuhrmann says:

    I went to college at UWS 1975-1980. That first winter after the Fitzgerald went down, I wondered aloud; “Why anyone in their right mind would live in this God Forsaken place?”

    Five years later as I prepared to leave, I found myself teary eyed, driving across the High bridge awe struck at the beauty of spring, spread out across the magnificent Duluth Hillside.

    39 years later, I still think of Duluth as home and visit this site regularly to get my harbor fix. One of my jobs, while in Duluth was as Deckhand on the Vista King, Queen and even for a short time, the Flamingo. Looking at this picture is a mixture of fond memories of the wonderful years I spent on those boats and the sad acknowledgement that it’s damn cold up there. I do not miss that.


  2. Casna, because it breaks down a lot.

  3. Re 4-21-2007 article on the Vistas: why is the Minnesota Slip Bridge ‘infamous’?

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