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The Mackinaw led a convoy of boats that arrived off the Duluth piers this morning (April 30, 2014).  Before they came in, the CSL Assiniboine departed around 8:25 morning and ran into some ice problems. The bad news; there were 7 boats in front of her waiting to come in. The good news: the Mackinaw was right there and after a couple hours of working the ice, the Assiniboine was on her way. The first three were the CSL Assiniboine, Cason J. Callaway and the Thunder Bay.
Half an hour later, the Whitefish Bay came in, followed by the Baie Comeau and then the CSL Tadoussac.
After the Bridge went down to clear some traffic, the Baie St. Paul came in alone. A little later, the Mackinaw, having watched her charges safely make it into the Duluth harbor, came in herself.


  1. Thanks Jill I hope someday I can take that tour on the Vista and see the Irvin too!!

    • Jill in Alabama says:

      Do it, Casna! You’d love it! They do the tour several times each day. You’ll see the Vista Star go under the bridge many times this season. The William A. Irvin has a great tour, too. Lots of fun things to do in Duluth, and lots of nice places to stay. Great food, too! But you have to let all of us know when you go up there, and you have to walk across the bridge and wave at us …..

  2. Andrew says:

    Wow! All 4 Trillium class vessels in Duluth in one day- and all within a few hours of each other. That’s pretty cool and a rare boatwatching treat!

  3. Anne I don’t know where everyone is. I hope someone answers your ? more specifically but for now I know that there was at least one ship that had to return to port for repairs due to ice damage. I’m land-locked too.

    • Bruce K says:

      So far as I know, boats that were damaged by ice on Lake Superior enough to require diversion for repair:

      Presque Isle (Twice?)
      Morro Bay
      Roger Blough

      Any others I’m forgetting?

  4. Can someone from Duluth tell me who the excursion boat is, who is docked in front of the museum(?) freighter across from the big hotel or hospital (I can’t make out the names on the cam )I just saw her in the inner harbor for the first time. She is white and as several decks. Also what’s the freighter’s name?

    • See above

      • Jill in Alabama says:

        Casna, that might be the Vista Queen you’re seeing. She a great boat and she tours the inner harbor and outside the bridge, too. My family took a tour the last time we were in Duluth and the water was too rough to go out on Lake Superior so we stayed in the harbor and went to see all the boats at their docks doing their loading and unloading. It was really interesting. The big building is a hotel, and the museum boat is the William S. Irvin.

  5. Anne SFSD says:

    Yesterday way a GREAT DAY for Boatnerds! I’m amazed by the condition of the CSL Tadoussac. Can the ice cause that degree of damage? (spoken like a true plains-dwelling land-lubber)

    • dmalnati says:

      Actually most if not all of the “damage” you see on Todoussac is considered cosmetic. Most of what you are seeing is paint scrapes and some minor indention of her hull caused not from ice, but from rubbing up against the docks and the sides of the locks. Its not usual y so bad looking, but the Canadian fleets are kind of famous for not painting their boats for long periods of times.

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