Convoy here, three at a time

Above, the Hon James L. Oberstar came in at 12:20, April 30, 2014. Right behind her was the Cason J. Callaway, and then the Thunder Bay


  1. FMI
    Algomarine 11.3kn 305d TB convoy running well?
    Radisson seems to be assisting W- bound group Assiniboine, Gott, Kaministiqua

  2. Thunder Bay Convoy off Keweenaw Peninsula:
    Algomarine 7.6kn, 325d, Superior
    TB: Algowood, Algoma Transport, Cedarglen,
    Radisson, Federal Rideau(stopped),
    Federal Danube, Federal Satsuki, Luebbert (2 kn)

  3. Paul Sando says:

    I was looking at the AIS maritime traffic site today. Am I seeing right? Are all four of the new Trillium Class “Bays” here at the same time? I refer to the Thunder Bay, Whitefish Bay, Baie St. Paul, and Baie Comeau.

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