Convoy arrived!

20140414-102The convoy of boats led by US and Canadian ice breakers arrived in Duluth early Monday morning, April 14th, 2014. The Stewart J. Cort came under the Lift Bridge at 4:54 and went over to the BN to begin loading iron ore pellets. The St. Clair left port, under the Lift Bridge at 6:15 am, going to the anchorage to wait for the eastbound convoy. At 6:47, the CSL Tadoussac arrived followed by the Mackinaw an hour later. The Sam Laud, here to load iron ore pellets at the CN in Duluth, came under the bridge at 7:54.
At noon on Monday, the St. Clair (above left) was at anchor and next to her, the Algoma Discovery (formerly the Daviken), waited to load iron ore pellets at the BN. And, the Mackinaw, having done her job, was at the DECC, perhaps relaxing for a couple moments.


  1. We parked at the Split Rock Light House overlook April 15 PM and watched a long convoy of 8 (yes, 8) ore boats threading along the ice edge, eventually turning east and led by the ice breaker. Cool to see 8 at one time!

  2. Ships currently off the Duluth piers : Gott , McCarthy, Cort, Tadoussac, St. Clair, American Spirit, and last under the bridge, Mackinaw

  3. Yes, nice pictures.

    Hopefully, the lunar eclipse tonight is a sign of things getting better.

  4. Great photos, Ken. I’ve been a fan of the website for many, many years and appreciate your time and effort.

  5. at last! thanks for the post and the pics!!!

  6. She does make an entrance on the Duluth side once or twice a year. Talk about one camera shy boat sneaking into port, in the middle of the night.

  7. I wonder why the Cort came though Duluth? Too much ice in the Superior entry?

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