Help is on the way

The Cleveland based Coast Guard cutter Morro Bay is still docked behind the DECC (above) after being towed into Port by the Alder and Katmai Bay after ice breaking work in Thunder Bay damaged the ship’s rudder. She arrived here on March 28. Since then, naval engineers have determined that she sustained damage to a rudder that had already been damaged. Five out of the 6 bolts used to hold the rudder in place were lost. Repairs will be made on Sunday and/or Monday and she will then immediately return to service.


  1. Paul Sando says:

    How are they going to fix a rudder without dry-docking her? The diver going in again?

  2. Ken,you must know someone with knowledge from coast guard how thick the ridges are in whitefish bay. They are still having a war in the st. marys river. This might continue for another week or more. ccradisson is doing the majority of work in the river. The river is as crowded as woodward ave.

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