Another try for the Presque Isle

First, the Heritage Marine tug Helen H. broke up the ice to clear a path for the Presque Isle to make another attempt to start her season, going to Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets. They then circled around to the stern of the large tug barge to make sure there were no problems. Helen H. then returned to her dock in Superior. The Presque Isle was the first large boat to depart the port since the Mesabi Miner left for Taconite Harbor on March 27th.


  1. Greg Hayden says:

    How come Presque Isle left then came back to Duluth?

    Greg Hayden

    • holly jorgenson says:

      greg, during her initial trip, she sustained hull damage from the ice, and had to return to duluth for repairs.

  2. Rita from Georgia says:

    I am using Firefox as my browser and the right had column was across the pictures and text. Glad I can read it now. Watched the Superior convoy go thru the locks this morning. Could you hear me cheering? That was sure a long haul. And they are not done yet. Hope the ice in the St. Mary’s River is better. I see Algocanada is in the same place as yesterday. I will send my 75 to 81 degree weather to help. Keep warm!

  3. Yes…the ads are keeping me from seeing the print and photos I want to. 🙁 Wondering, are they still cutting the ice and are they still giving rides on the ice cutter? Would love to know if they are still doing that….if they are our baby may come home from college this weekend in hopes of a ride! Next week would be better but am thinking they may be done cutting for the season? Thanks!

  4. Radisson began moving at about 7:30am eastern this morning. They worked some ice in the second river bend before moving downriver towards the locks. Following, Mackinaw worked the ice at the first bend of the river. However, after passing Pointe Aux Pins, Radisson slowed down and allowed Mackinaw to pass. Mackinaw entered the lock first. Radisson also entered the lock and they cycled through together. Mackinaw left the lock at 9:28am with Radisson right behind at 9:33.

    Callaway entered the lock at 10:22am and left at 11:13. This was the first freighter of this season. Munson is entering the lock now.

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  6. Brent R says:

    Those are nice pictures of the Presque Isle. I had wanted to see one of the giants in the daytime.

    The convoy crossed Whitefish Bay and arrived at the head of the St. Marys River. Radisson stopped in the lead at 8:25pm eastern with Mackinaw following at 8:30pm, Callaway at 8:44, and Munson last at 8:58. They halted with each about a mile apart and have been stationary for close to 6 hours now. My assumption is that they will wait for morning to begin cleaning up the ice in the locks before heading through. Currently, the only ship on the St. Marys is Algocanada. It is possible that a deluge of ice from the breaking on Superior is expected and that conditioning will be necessary before the freighters head up-river. I guess we’ll see.

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