Coast Guard cutters coming to Duluth 2

We are expecting 3 Coast Guard cutters to arrive here late this afternoon or early evening. The Mackinaw, the Katmai Bay and the Morro Bay will be here to get fuel and provisions before leading a convoy of 3 boats from Two Harbors  to the Soo Locks. (Unless plans change which is always possible when dealing with wind, ice and Lake Superior. (Click to see larger version of AIS taken at 4:40 pm, Monday, March 24, 2014)

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2 thoughts on “Coast Guard cutters coming to Duluth

  • Brent R

    Mackinaw arrived at the harbor at 7pm eastern time with Morro and Katmai hot on her heels. This was the first transit of Lake Superior this season. It doesn’t look like there will be any ships to go through the locks at midnight tonight. I’ll guess we’ll see how soon things can get moving.

  • James Pederson

    CG vessels positions shown on Boatnerd. I wish we could get information from Captains or crew on ice and possibilites of passage.