Join the Callaway as she opens the 2014 season


  1. I didn’t have a radio track on Mackinaw, Morro Bay, or Katmai Bay yesterday. Apparently, they were out of range of the ground stations. However, at 5:37am Eastern time, Mackinaw appeared north of Isle Royale, northeast of Thunder Bay. Over the past eight hours, Mackinaw has steamed down the coast with Morro and Katmai following close behind. I’d say they have about 50 miles to go to reach Two Harbors. Supposedly, Thunder Bay was supposed to be broken out today. If that was the plan, I’m not sure why one of the Bays didn’t stay behind to starting working on Thunder Bay. I’m also not sure what breaking activities require all three ships plus Alder in that area. I guess we’ll see.

    It looks like mobile bay is still having to escort Samuel De Champlain through the Straits, so the ice there is still a problem. However, Everlast made it across Lake St. Clair in 2 1/2 hours escorted only by Rebecca Lynn. Much better. Apparently the improved conditions in Lake St. Clair have allowed the breakers in this area to start roving. Hollyhock was last seen way over by Nanticoke where we usually see Griffon. Neah Bay was down by Cleveland and is now heading east towards Ashtabula. I’m not sure if Erie needs any help because I don’t see any heavy ice on the GLSEA map and I can’t get a radio track there. However, the map does show heavy ice over by Buffalo, so perhaps they are going to be working there. Biscayne Bay is working the Straits with Mobile Bay. But apparently Bristol Bay has gone up the St. Marys and through the locks into Whitefish Bay. That would put five of the nine CG breakers in Lake Superior. They do seem to be serious about getting the Soo Locks open.

  2. Sue Richardson says:

    I really admire what you do and have been a freighter watcher for many years

  3. Paul Badovinac says:

    Cool departure, especially pushing the ice at the bow. Great salute to the bridge.

    Rock & Roll we are underway.


  4. Wasn’t the Callaway one of the USS AAA boats reinforced for ice operations when USS was trying to run year round in the 70’s? How appropriate for this spring.

  5. with a formal salute as she opens Duluth for 2014 an her 62 year under steam

  6. William Streeter says:

    Safe seas

  7. holly jorgenson says:

    very cool!

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