Callaway getting ready to depart



  1. Rita from Georgia says:

    Hope everyone is safe this season. I am glad they are finally under way.

  2. Mackinaw, Morro Bay, and Katmai have been struggling. It looks like they started breaking ice about 8am eastern time and four hours later had barely cleared Whitefish Point. They only managed about 2 mph because of the need to ram the ice. Recently, Mackinaw was able to move faster than 3 knots for 20 minutes before they had to back and ram. So, it looks like they’ve finally made it to thinner ice. At the very least, this should double their forward speed.

    Alder left the Harbor about 90 minutes ago. They managed to cover 8 miles and are nearly back. They are making much better time in the thinner ice.

    It looks like there is going to be a question of which giant leaves first. Presque Isle is scheduled to leave Duluth today but Edwin H Gott also appears to be ready to depart Erie. However, I don’t have a radio track on the Gott so I guess we’ll see.

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