Callaway, first departure for 2014



  1. holly jorgenson says:

    mackinaw, katmai bay and morro bay should be arriving duluth in about an hour or so…

  2. James Pederson says:

    Thanks, Brent, for the updates on the positions and activities of the CG vessels around the Soo and Whitefish Bay.

  3. After 11 hours of breaking ice, Mackinaw has only covered about 15 miles and it looks like they are halted for the night. Calloway joins half a dozen other smaller freighters that have already left port this season. However, none of the giants have awakened yet. So, it is looking less likely that any boats will be waiting to pass through the locks on the 25th.

  4. Rita from Georgia says:

    We are on the way!

  5. Good to see them on the move… love being able to watch the cam too!

  6. holly jorgenson says:

    so exciting!

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