LSMMA takes a ride on the Alder

The LSMMA went ice breaking with the Alder today (March 20, 2014). After clearing ice in Howards Pocket, they came up the harbor and went under the Lift Bridge and out into Lake Superior. As  you can see, they took advantage of the occasion to get some nice shots from on high.


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  2. James Pederson says:

    I enjoyed the pic’s of the Callaway underway at Duluth. The thing wrong here is the walk ways along the harbor entrance need to cleared of snow to some degree. Although we are very proud of our white stuff ( we are ?, well sometimes ). .Considering the momentous occasion , lets clear some snow here. We want to show the world how high of importance we put on this event and our port. Let me be the first to volunteer . Lend me your snow blower, shovel and let me at it!

  3. Mackinaw has made it about 10 miles out into Whitefish Bay, just below island of Ile Parisienne. They are mostly following the US/Canadian border. I can see that Mackinaw, Morro Bay, and Katmai Bay are all having to back and ram. If memory serves, the Juniper Class like Alder can break 14″ of ice continuously. I don’t know what the maximum ramming capability is. The Bay Class can break 20″ of ice continuously and can ram up to 36″. Mackinaw can break 30″ of ice continuously and can ram pressure ridges as much as 12′ thick. If Mackinaw is having to ram then we know that the ice in Whitefish is more than 30″ thick.

    This is the current ice map at GLSEA:

    It shows that the ice drops off just past the bay entrance. So, if Mackinaw continues for another 15-20 miles, they’ll reach easier ice. However, even if they can speed up to 5 knots, it’s a bit over 100 miles to Marquette so that’s another 20 hours of breaking. I guess we’ll have to see how much things improve when they clear Whitefish.

    • Mackinaw was only able to make about 2mph crossing Whitefish Bay. It looks like they have about 7 miles to go to get past Whitefish Point and the thick ice. However, since they are now stopped for the night, I don’t expect that to happen until tomorrow morning.

      There are about five freighters out running now from Escanaba. However, it looks like Presque Isle will be the first giant to leave port this season. Apparently they are going to move about 25 miles up the coast to Two Harbors. I haven’t heard of any other giants leaving port yet, and I’m not sure if any others will leave before the Soo locks open. Still, it’s probably 200 miles from Whitefish Point to Two Harbors. Even at the robust speed of 10mph, that would still require 20 solid hours of breaking ice. That would take two days. So, I’m wondering how fast the breaking can go. I’m hoping we are going to see Alder joining in tomorrow.

  4. The big news is that Mackinaw went through the Poe Lock at 8:45am this morning. She was followed by Morro Bay at 8:53am and Katmai Bay at 9:01am. All three are now working the St. Marys on the upstream side of Soo Locks. Mackinaw is headed upriver so it looks like they’ll be breaking ice in Whitefish today.

    • That’s Eastern Time which is what I’m on. Mackinaw went through at 7:45am Central Time, or about an hour and 50 minutes ago.

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