Alder turns ice into water!

This  video was taken March 10, 2014, and is a little less polished than others but I wanted to get it posted quickly.


  1. Ken – how did you manage to do the video on the Alder without Tom being in the picture?

  2. I remember watching the Woodrush break through the Portage Canal near Houghton in the early 70’s. They would usually come through in late March or early April. It would take longer than a day to break west (north?) bound and then in a couple hours they would turn around and break a second track east (south?) bound.

    Two things impressed me. First when they were making the first pass the ice would often be cracking along shore and shifting a mile or more ahead of the ship.

    Second, when making the second pass when the ice had somewhere to go the ship’s wake broke almost as much ice as the ship itself.

    These icebreaking ships are amazing machines. Thanks for posting this and other videos!

  3. Amazing what all goes into getting ready for the Shipping Season. This video was an eye opener on what needs to be done before the ships set sail. My family has sailed the Great Lakes for over 50 years. Thank you again for all your information.

  4. Rita from Georgia says:

    Polished or not, that video was fantastic, Ken! The blue of the open water was the prettiest shade I have ever seen. Love that ridge ice!

  5. Nice video. It’s always impressive when you can roll through 12″ thick ice.

    Mackinaw and Mobile Bay have spent the whole day making circuits inside Sturgeon. I have not seen a radio track for Biscayne Bay but it is supposed to be escorting Roger Blough which is making very slow progress in upper Green Bay. I’m surprised to see that Algocanada has hardly moved below Neebish even though Neah Bay has been helping them. It looks like Hollyhock is in the St. Clair River. Griffon and Bristol Bay have been working in Lake St. Clair. Both Algosea and Everlast made it up near Sarnia. Morro Bay is docked by Detroit. I’m not seeing a radio track for Katmai Bay but they should be in the Sault Sainte Marie area. The fact that ships are still struggling in the ice in Lake St. Clair, the St. Marys River, and Green Bay suggests that ice is still a problem. However, with two weeks to go before the Soo locks open, there is time for improvement.

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