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Ice? How about blue water!

I took the pictures in the post below this post with my phone on the Alder and then emailed them to Holly in Arizona. She posted them here. Just below are pictures I took aboard the Alder today (Monday, March 10. 2014. (Click a pic for a larger version)
The Alder performed well making the first trip of the season under the Lift Bridge and into Lake Superior. Only once in the 7.5 mile trip into the lake was she stopped in the ice. Above, the V-shaped mark in the ice is where the bow of the ship was stopped. We are now backing and getting to ram the ice again. Called backing and ramming, after a couple of those, we were back on track.
Above, we return from the land of sky blue waters to the cold cruel northland. The Alder returns from Lake Superior after finding blue water 7.5 miles out, as far as the eye could see.

Alder out working the ice again

The Alder left her dock at about 9:00 this morning CDT, departing Duluth under the Aerial Lift Bridge. At the moment she is about 6 miles off the piers, at a speed of approximately 5 kts.
aaalder (1000x723)
aaalder2 (1000x750)
aaalder3 (1000x750)
aaalder4 (750x1000) (1000x750)
aaalder5 (1000x747)
At 9 miles out we hit open water (above), and were able to increase speed to over 13 kts. Heading back toward port now (below).
aaalder6 (1000x750)