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Morro Bay gets local help

The US Coast Guard cutter Alder brought her sister ship, Morro Bay, into port last night with damage to her rudder. They docked at the DECC and this morning (March 29, 2014), divers from a local company, J. Norick & Sons, were there to assess the damage. Actually, the rudder itself was apparently not damaged, but all but one of the bolts holding it to the ship were broken off while breaking ice. Today, they were checking the damage. Probably later today, the ship will be towed to Fraser Shipyard to complete repairs. New, 2 inch bolts are being made locally and will probably be ready for use early next week. The Katmai Bay is also here; my guess is she will tow the Morro Bay to Fraser but I am not sure of that.

Ice is not nice to ships

The US Coast Guard cutter Morro Bay left here a week ago and today (March 28, 2014), she was towed back to port by the Alder after sustaining damage to her rudder while breaking ice. Outside the Duluth piers, they lashed the Morro Bay to the side of the Alder for the trip through the ship canal. The Katmai Bay, also here a week ago, led them in to port. The Presque Isle is also coming back to Duluth to repair damage to her hull caused by the ice.

Mackinaw and 2 friends

Three Coast Guard cutters arrive Duluth on March 25, 2014 (from my window)

Mackinaw, Morro Bay, Katmai Bay


Coast Guard cutters coming to Duluth

We are expecting 3 Coast Guard cutters to arrive here late this afternoon or early evening. The Mackinaw, the Katmai Bay and the Morro Bay will be here to get fuel and provisions before leading a convoy of 3 boats from Two Harbors  to the Soo Locks. (Unless plans change which is always possible when dealing with wind, ice and Lake Superior. (Click to see larger version of AIS taken at 4:40 pm, Monday, March 24, 2014)

Join the Callaway as she opens the 2014 season

Callaway, first departure for 2014


Callaway getting ready to depart


LSMMA takes a ride on the Alder

The LSMMA went ice breaking with the Alder today (March 20, 2014). After clearing ice in Howards Pocket, they came up the harbor and went under the Lift Bridge and out into Lake Superior. As  you can see, they took advantage of the occasion to get some nice shots from on high.

Fame is very, very fleeting

ken3-14-2014 9-47-10 PM
People have complained to me that they never saw me on the NBC Nightly News tonight. For all those who blinked while my 2 1/2 second ‘interview’ passed by, you can see the whole report here. I meanwhile am trying to figure where my 14 minutes and 57 1/2 seconds of fame that I have left will be.

NBC News with Brian Williams, tonight at 5:30 PM CDT

140313-ice-cutter-alder-02-7p_eb2ca08d95ecbb792b5a5449cf6610fe.nbcnews-ux-800-600An NBC News with Brian Williams team was here this week to do a story on ice on Lake Superior and the beginning of the shipping season. It is now scheduled to be on tonight, Friday, March 14, 2014 at 5:40 Central Daylight time. Hopefully, they will not forget to include all my expert commentary, or at least a couple seconds of my expert commentary. But most of all, I hope Mr Putin will hold off on anything big until NBC News has fully covered the ice in Duluth tonight. They took a trip on the Alder and even talked to an ice fisherman. He said he “… was retired, so I don’t even know what day it is.” I knew what day it was but his visuals were better. We will see who makes the cut.