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LSMMA cam is live video but …

doesn’t need to be today. Wow.

My walking run in the snow

austinsnow0221c3You know you are getting old when you go out for a run and the newspaper (Duluth News Tribune) takes a picture of you with the caption that you are walking, and they are right. It probably won’t make the morning paper; by then we will have 10 inches or more of snow, with much more spectacular pictures than me walking (slowly) down the hill. But for now, see it here.

Duluth Shipping News Stories #1

Relive visits from the Spar Opal, Vlistborg, Isa, Regina Oldendorff, Ira and Stefania 1 to Duluth

Lake Superior Ice, not 100% covered

Water and Ice

We are still looking for all ice at this end of the Lake. Below, top to bottom, the Cason J. Callaway, the Presque Isle and the St. Clair seem happy enough.