Take a ride on the Nels J.


  1. Jack Anderson says:

    Wonderful feature — enjoyed it immensely. Would like to see more about Heritage Marine. They are real dedicated mariners but also impressive gentlemen when contrasted to others featured on Great Lakes Shipping Life features. So great to see wholesome people doing awesome jobs with upbeat attitudes. Wish them years and years of success.

  2. Are they stockpiling snow along the harbor?

  3. Does any of the crew stay aboard during winter lay up?

    • I believe that there is a caretaker that will stay all winter. Otherwise everyone goes home and the repairmen take over to get her ready for March.

  4. Brian StJohn says:

    another great video Den. Thank you for all you do bringing Duluth to us all

  5. Jill in Alabama says:

    Thanks, Ken. Great job! Everybody stay safe and warm this winter. Before you know it, we’ll all be lined up watching the boats come under the bridge!

  6. Thanks for this, Ken- nice to see from the tug

  7. MN_Jack76 says:

    Awesome! Thanks Ken!

  8. Ken…many thanks for the great video of the Calloway being laid up. Have never seen this before. Have a great winter.

  9. Bob from St.Paul says:

    Just one question ? How do they keep the motors from cracking do to water for cooling them frezzing? From the big ships to they tugs .

  10. Rita from Georgia says:

    Wow! What a video! Very interesting to see it from the tug. The anchor went down so slow you could see when it touched and went thru the ice. Thanks for the icy video.

  11. Paul Badovinac says:

    Super video Ken, stay warm for the winter. Lookin forward to shipping season starting up soon.


  12. Very cool video Ken. Always wondered what it must be like to be on board with all that ice to deal with…thanks for giving us a taste of it.

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