Salt water ships in Duluth

I have created a slideshow/video, the first of several detailing some of  my experiences on the salt water ships that have come to Duluth since I started this in 1996. Homeland Security as made life a great more difficult here regarding the appreciation of our maritime heritage. All the docks have been enclosed inside large cages, with locks on the gate and a security person ready to have a nice discussion with you when you arrive. It is not like the old times and I am trying to collect some of the good times from yesterday to stand in for the good times we have no  more.
My previous videos have been on YouTube but I am trying something different, using an excellent media program called Proshow Producer. It allows me to crate a more interesting show with many more capabilities than I had sending my videos to YouTube. YouTube uses Flash, which almost all of us have on your computer and it is easy to see them. This a slide show needs another program from Proshow. I have worked with this company for many years and I am not anticipating any problems. When you first click on the show, it will ask you to download a piece of software to use to see the show. You only need to do that once. To complete, you will probably have to answer yes to give the program permission to install. Please agree; I myself am wary of downloading too many programs that run in the background but you will find the slide show much easier to use. It will load and run faster and will not stop in the middle to load more; it takes some time at the start to get the show going and then you can watch is straight thru.



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