Cuyahoga here with grain for Christmas

The Canadian flagged Cuyahoga arrived in Duluth (above) on December 23, 2013 with grain that she discharged at the Riverland Ag terminal in Duluth (below). This is only her 3rd trip here since 1996. She was here in 2004 to load iron ore pellets and in September, 2011, she discharged salt here. The picture above was taken by Terry White; the picture below was taken at the Riverland Ag dock by John Zywicki.


  1. Capt. Ed M. says:

    It was Canadian wheat, as I understand from the scuttlebutt — and it is rather rare any vessel uses that Slip B-2 side to deliver grain. I think it might be the only receiving hopper equipped elevator in the port — certainly the only one used in recent years. There was a couple Salties that clam bucket discharged into it a few years ago. Slow, cumbersome and time consuming — but, I remember the Longshoreman’s union needing to call everybody and anybody to get enough guys out to do the work.

  2. Hi Ken,
    What kind of grain did she discharge? Inbound grain is relatively unusual in the Twin Ports.
    They did a nice job getting her tight alongside, with all the ice.
    Thanks for the good pix.

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